Optogenetics is a research-based presentation designed to simplify the concept of optogenetics, its mechanism of action, present uses, and future possibilities.

The Idea

As a project in the BIO 480 Neurobiology course at University of Washington Bothell, I researched, designed, illustrated, and animated a presentation to best teach the concept of optogenetics. It is my belief that through strong visual and diagrams, complex concepts can be simplified, maximizing accessibility and engagement.


The Process

As with design, establishing and recognizing systems and patterns is important across other disciplines, especially if we intend to teach others and communicate. Through peer-review research articles we found these commonly shared patterns within the concept of optogenetics.

All work was designed with Adobe Creative Cloud. Illustrations were completed in Illustrator and Photoshop. Animations were completed in After Effects. Presentation was carried out in Google Slides.

Sodium passing through Channelrhodopsin

What I Learned

One of my beliefs is that maintaining a growth mindset is at the core of being a designer. We should never stop pushing ourselves to learn, practicing, and ultimately building on past experiences and concepts. Throughout this project I learned optogenetics concepts at depth, built on my past neuroscience coursework and how to design this concept for teaching others.