Avian Brain

What is it?

Avian Brain is a neurobiology vodcast created for an anatomy and physiology course at University of Washington Bothell. The purpose of the video is the compare analogous regions of mammalian and avian brains, and more closely focuses corvid brains. I took video and photos, as well as created illustrations, and animations for the vodcast using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. Examples of the illustrations are shown below.

Brain Structure

Above is an example of avian brain structures and their regions. These are vectors created in Adobe Illustrator. The advantage of vectors created in Adobe Illustrator is they are able to be recolored and manipulated to highlight and animate brain regions in further lectures or video application.

Neuronal Patterning

Neuronal Level

While basic brain region differences give a very high-level overview of brain anatomy, I went a bit deeper and illustrated at the neuronal level to compare a mammalian and avian brain neuronal structure and organization in Adobe Illustrator. Shown above is the laminar neocortex representing mammalian neuronal structure and the nuclear pallium for avian neuronal structure.

Crow Ilustration

Corvid Brain

Going a bit deeper, the final illustration I did for the vodcast is that of a corvid brain and its region the nidopallium caudolateral or NCL. This is used as further comparison, in this case, to the prefrontal cortex of the human brain.